Deploy Reflection

This chapter provides instructions for deploying Reflection, session document files, and other configuration files.

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Deploy with the Reflection Setup program

How to deploy using the setup.exe command line.

Deploy with MSI

How to deploy using the MSI command line and handle prerequisites that must be installed before you deploy with MSI directly.

Publish with Active Directory

Requirements for assigning and publishing your product installation using Microsoft Active Directory.

Deploy with System Center Configuration Manager

How to deploy Reflection with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (or Microsoft Systems Management Server).

Use Central Management to Deploy MSI Packages

How to upload companion install packages (.msi) to the Micro Focus Management and Security Server Administrative Server for deployment to specified users.

Distribute Software Updates

How to install software updates with the Micro Focus Patch utility included with your distribution.

Remove an Installation

How to remove Reflection or a package of configuration files.

Repair an Installation

How to use the Repair option, which automatically searches for and replaces missing or corrupted files.