Configure Workspace Defaults Dialog Box

Configure the actions to perform when the Reflection workspace opens or closes and preferences for automatically saving session document files.


When starting workspace

Specify whether to display the New or Open dialog box or to run an action when Reflection starts.

NOTE:When a workspace is opened by double-clicking on a session document file, this setting is not applied. (The workspace opens without displaying a dialog box or running an action.)


Select this

To do this


Show New dialog

Display the New dialog box used to choose which type of session to configure.


Show Open dialog

Display the Open dialog box used to choose a session document file.


Show nothing

Open the workspace without displaying a dialog box.


Run Startup action

Set up an action (for example, a startup macro) that is performed when Reflection starts.

Select Action

Open the Select Action dialog box used to specify actions (available only when Run Startup Action is selected).

When closing a document

Specify what you want done with any changed settings when you close a document.


Select this

To do this


Save document settings automatically

Save the modified version of the session document and any related files without any additional prompt. If one of the modified files is a built-in file, a copy of the built-in file is saved in your user data directory.


Ask me to save document settings

Specify where to save the modified version of the session document and any related files at the time you choose to create it.


Discard document settings

Discard any changes to the session document and any related files.

Show Start Page after workspace opens

Displays a gallery of recent documents.

Exit workspace when last document closed

Automatically exit Reflection after the last document (session or Web page) in the workspace is closed.

Clear clipboard when closing workspace

When selected, any data that may have been copied to the Clipboard is cleared when the workspace is closed.

Hide built-in templates for new documents

When selected, only user-defined templates are available from the Create New Document dialog box.

Show Document Switcher with Ctr+Tab

When selected, pressing the Ctr+Tab displays a document switcher that can be used to tab through the open documents.

Open documents in same workspace

When sessions are opened by double-clicking on session document files, the sessions all open in the same workspace.

Prompt for disconnect

Prompt to confirm whether to disconnect a session when a session is disconnected manually or by closing the session or the workspace.

Save session as compound document

Save all of your session settings (for keyboard maps, security settings, customized ribbons, etc.) in a single file, called a compound session document file. Using compound files simplifies the packaging process for MSI deployments.

Recent Documents

Maximum number of Recent Documents to show

Specify the maximum number of recently used documents to display in the Recent Documents list on the Workspace Menu The Workspace menu contains layout options, application and document settings, and a list of recent documents. It is accessed by clicking the Reflection button (when using the Office 2007 look and feel) or the File menu (when using the Office 2010 look and feel). .

Clear Recent Documents List

Click to remove all documents from the list.