Create New Document Dialog Box

Reflection provides several templates to help you start sessions and create Web page and other documents. Terminal session documents and Web page documents open in a tab in the workspace. Printer session documents open in a separate window.

Built-in templates

Built-in templates are provided with Reflection.

3270 terminal

Select to create a mainframe terminal session.

5250 terminal

Select to create an AS/400 terminal session.

3270 printer

Select to create a mainframe printer session.

5250 printer

Select to create an AS/400 printer session.

VT terminal

Select to create a UNIX, OpenVMS, or Regis Graphics terminal session.


Select to access a Web page using the default browser.

User defined

User-defined templates are created when you save a document as a template.


Select the set of default settings to use when creating a terminal session document. The compatibility settings include keyboard maps and themes similar to those of other emulation products. The default Reflection compatibility setting is optimized for this product.