Installing Reflection for the Web 12.3

Follow these steps to install Reflection for the Web with either a new or existing installation of Management and Security Server.

  1. Run the automated installer for your Reflection for the Web 12.3 edition and platform. For example:

    • rwebenterprise-12.3.<nnn>-prod-wx64.exe
    • rwebairlines-12.3.<nnn>

    NOTE:You can run the automated installer in console mode, using a -c parameter.

    This option, frequently for non-Windows systems, uses a command line for input and output rather than a graphical interface. All screens present the information on the console and allow you to enter the same information as in the automated installer.

  2. Click Next to install Reflection for the Web.

  3. The Reflection for the Web automated installer detects whether Management and Security Server is installed on the same machine and provides options for installation.

    Continue with the instructions for your installation scenario: