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If you have problems using FileXtract, complete the following steps.

To troubleshoot FileXtract

  1. Make sure that your system meets the requirements necessary to use the product. See "System Requirements" in the Databridge Installation Guide.

  2. Make sure that the READER option in the parameter file has the correct Reader library and flat file location. If you are using DBServer, verify that the SOURCE declaration is pointing to the correct logical database. If you are using DBSpan or DBSnapshot, make sure that you start the WFL with the correct logical database name as the second parameter. For example, START WFL/DATABRIDGE/SPAN ("SYSFILESDB", "SUMLOG"). For information about the Reader libraries, see one of the following:

  3. Check your setup:

    • Check the mix to make sure that the Databridge accessory is running. For instructions, see the Databridge Host Administrator’s Guide.
    • Make sure that the READER declaration for the Databridge accessory is correct. Refer to the Databridge Host Administrator’s Guide for instructions.
    • Make sure that the source name for the DEFINE command for the Databridge Client matches the SOURCE name for DBServer.
  4. Resolve any errors you receive.

    If you are receiving error messages you don’t understand, see the Databridge Error Guide for help resolving error these messages.

  5. If you cannot identify and solve the problem without assistance, contact your product distributor. Call from a location where you have access to the problem mainframe.

  6. Contact Micro Focus Technical Support or troubleshoot the problem using information available from the Support site.