Setting Up a Glossary

Use the Glossary pane to create a dictionary, or glossary, of meaningful names for items of interest in your workspace: data elements, paragraphs, programs, screens, tables, and the like. A glossary is especially useful for assigning business names to identifiers: natural language names that make it easy to document and retrieve business rules. The field PLC_NUM, for example, might have the business name Policy Number.

The Glossary pane lets you assign business names to identifiers manually or in batch mode. You can auto-extract business names from screens, import business names into a glossary from a file, and much more.

  • The scope for Glossary is the whole workspace.
  • We recommend that any mass updates should be done by a master user while no one else is updating the Glossary.
  • Mass update functions such as Generate Business Names, Propagate Business Names, and Import Business Attributes should not be executed by more than one master user at a time, from one Interactive Analysis instance.
  • All mass delete operations (Delete All, Delete Manual, Delete Automatic and so on) are Workspace wide operations and we recommended that these be performed only by the master user.
  • Users should not perform any update/delete functions while a mass update is in progress.