Code Search Report Results

After you run a report, the output is saved in the selected location and the Code Search Reports window closes and the Queue Processor pops up. To view the report results, double-click the Activity Log line which shows that the report was successfully executed or from the View menu select Custom Report Results

The results are displayed in a tree view. Double-clicking a file in the tree, opens the source editor pane.

To open Interactive Analysis for a file, right-click it and select Interactive Analysis.

The Code Search Report Results window lets you view previously run reports by selecting them from the drop-down list at the top. The report titles contain information about the execution date and time. You can also choose to re-run a report, generate an HTML report and/or export for the Eclipse plugin.

To re-run a report, click GUID-C21BEC13-B832-4676-AA41-19251BD80A47-low.png.

To generate an HTML report, click GUID-789238FC-F3F7-4592-BBED-B6F9DF1E551E-low.png.

To export for the Eclipse plugin, click GUID-382D60EA-D8CD-47C5-92A0-029611E47AE7-low.png