Advanced String Attribute Operations

The advanced string attribute operations can be set when you execute Code Search and when you have defined a search filter.

Note: The operations are available only for string objects.

You can execute a Code Search using different criteria. When you set a condition to search string attributes, you can specify the following operations:

Like / Not Like
Performs a wildcard (mask) match where ? (question mark) represents any single character and * (asterisk) represents any character sequence.
  • Select Name from the Name list, then select Like from the Operations drop-down list, and then write * DAY in the values field. The new criterion returns all names ending with "DAY".
  • If the search criterion is: "Name" like "???DAY", the search finds all 6 character long names ending with "DAY".
Regular Expression
Performs regular expression matching. This function uses syntax specific to the RDBMS (for further information see Regular expression support for EA).

Example (Oracle only): "Name" matches "^Ste(v|ph)en", will match names which begin with "Ste" and end with "en" with either "v" or "ph" in between, so both "Steven" and "Stephen" will be selected.

Length is Less than / Length is Greater than
Compares attribute value lengths.

Example: "Name" length is "6", finds all 6 character long names.

Match other attribute value/ Do not match other attribute value
Compares two attribute values.

Example: "Name" matches attribute "JobName", finds all names matching the "JobName" as well.

Contain other attribute value/ Do not contain other attribute value
Checks if an attribute value contains another attribute value.

Example: "Name" contains attribute "JobName", finds all names which also contain "JobName" value.

Partial Attribute match
Partial Match compares part of an attribute value with another part of another attribute value.

Example: "Name" pos 10-12 matches pos 5-7 of "JobName", finds all names where the value from character position 10 to 12 matches the "JobName" value from character position 5 to 7.