Designating Users in a Three-Group Security Policy

A Three-Group Security Policy recognizes a third class of workspace users in addition to master users and ordinary users: subject matter experts (SMEs), with special privileges to create, assign, and delete tags. Initially, only the workspace creator has master user privileges. The master user can designate SMEs and new master users as described in this section.
  1. Choose Start > All Programs > Micro Focus > Enterprise Analyzer > Enterprise Analyzer Administration. The Administration window opens.
  2. Choose Administer > Edit Users. The Edit Users dialog opens.
  3. In the Edit Users dialog, select the workspace (.rwp file) for which you want to edit users and click Open. The Security dialog opens.
  4. The Subject Matter Experts and Master Users tabs of the Security dialog display a list of users who have connected to the workspace in the Known Users list box and a list of subject matter experts and master users, respectively, in the opposite list box. Select a known user and click the BKRSRIGHTBUTTONIMG-low.gif button to move the known user into the list of subject matter experts or master users. Select a master user and click the BKRSLEFTBUTTONIMG-low.gif button to move the subject matter expert or master user into the list of known users.
    Note: Click Refresh at any time to update the lists.
  5. To create a new subject matter expert or master user, click (New User...) in the Subject Matter Experts or Master Users list box. A dialog opens prompting you to enter the name of the new subject matter expert or master user. Enter the name and click OK.
  6. When you are satisfied with your entries, click Close.