Finding and Replacing Text in Source Files

You can find and replace text in source files from the Browser or Search tab of the Repository pane. Use the Editor to replace text in a selection of source code.

  1. In the Browser or Search tab, select the source files or the node that contains the source files you want to search and choose:
    • Edit > Find if you simply want to search.

    • Edit > Replace if you want to search and replace.
  2. The Find and Replace dialog opens. Click the tab for the operation you want to perform.
    Note: The find functionality in the Find tab is bidirectional. You can search up or down, and specify that the search wrap. The find functionality in the Replace tab is unidirectional. Otherwise, the find functionality is identical in each tab. The remaining steps assume that you want to both search and replace.
  3. In the Find What combo box, specify the search criterion. Select the check boxes below the drop-down if you want the search to match case and/or match whole words.
  4. In the Replace With combo box, select the replacement text. The drop-down lists text strings from previous replace operations. Enter new replacement text by typing in the combo box. If you used regular expressions for the find, click the BKRSRIGHTARROWBIGIMG-low.gif button next to the drop-down to display a list of elements you can insert in the replacement text field.
  5. Click Find Next. When the search finds a match, click Replace. You are prompted to confirm the replacement. Click Yes. Click Find Next again to find the next match, or click Replace All to replace all matching text.