Refreshing Source Files

Use the Enterprise Analyzer refresh feature to update registered source files to their current state. You can refresh all of the objects in a project or folder, or only selected objects.

The refresh looks for updated legacy source in the original location of the file or, for unresolved source, the location you specified in Workspace Options > Registration > Source Files. Once it finds the source, it overwrites the version of the file maintained by the system.

If the files you are refreshing have previously been verified, the system invalidates the files and all the files that depend on them. Invalidating a file restores it to its state before it was verified, deleting the object model the parser created for the file. The invalidated files are displayed in bold type in the Repository Browser. Reverify the invalidated files.


If the refreshed file is unresolved, the referring source is not invalidated. To resolve the refreshed file, reverify both the unresolved file and the referring source.

  1. In the Repository Browser, select the project, folder, or file you want to refresh and choose File > Refresh Sources from Disk.
    Note: If you are licensed to use the Batch Refresh feature, you can perform the refresh in batch mode. Contact support services for more information.
  2. You are prompted to confirm that you want to refresh the selected files. Click Yes.
The system overwrites the workspace source files.