Moving or Copying Files into Projects

Copy the contents of a project, folder, or file to a different project by selecting it and dragging and dropping the selection onto the project, or by using the Edit menu choices to copy and paste the selection. Use the Project menu choices described below to move selections, or to include referenced or referencing objects in a move or copy.

Note: In other EA tools, use the right-click menu or the File menu to include files in projects.
  1. In the Repository Browser, select the project, folder, or file you want to move or copy, then choose Project > Copy Project Contents (if you selected a project) or Project > Include into Project (if you selected a folder or file). The Select Project window opens.
  2. In the Select Project window, select the target project. Click New to create a new project.
  3. Select either:
    • Include All Referenced Objects if you want to include objects referenced by the selected object (the Cobol copybooks included in a Cobol program file, for example).
    • Include All Referencing Objects if you want to include objects that reference the selected object.

    Note: This feature is available only for verified files.
  4. Select:
    • Copy to copy the selection to the target project.
    • Move From Current Project to move the selection to the target project.
    • Move From All Projects to move the selection from all projects to the target project.
  5. Click OK to move or copy the selection.