Configuring Exits

Configuring a user exit involves two separate tasks:

Creating a BRP-enabled utility is a non-trivial task. Guidelines and information on this subject can be found in the section Producing Utilities for BRP. Use the User Exit tab of the BRP Configurator to point a user exit to the corresponding BRP-enabled utility.

Note: In the default configuration the Generation user exit is configured and provides a useful example.

BRP contains anchor points for all seven user exits. The DOS batch file should be named for the user exit it corresponds to and it should be located in the BRP Utilities folder. Be sure to specify a full and complete path to the DOS file. Relative paths may not work properly in this context.

The DOS batch file must contain the actual commands that the user exit will execute. This also provides the opportunity to do more than one task in any given user exit.

BRP checks any enabled user exit INI file parameter value for validity during the Setup step. If the value does not point to an existing file, BRP will quit with a severe error.