Adding Source File Extensions

It is recommended that source files coming into BRP have proper file extensions already in place. In some cases, however, this is not possible and BRP can add them if needed. There is no need to configure initialization file parameters to use the functionality.

To have BRP add the file extensions, you must separate the sources, by type, into separate folders in the PreparedSources directory. Each folder must be named for the source type it contains and the source type name must correspond to EA source type names.

EA source type names can be determined by examining the folder names found in the Sources folder of a workspace directory. If the workspace already contains a source of a particular type, there will be a folder in the Sources directory corresponding to that source type. For example, Cobol files are found in the Cobol folder. The precise file extension that is added for any particular source type is determined by the configuration of the Registration Extensions tab in the target workspace's workspace options. The first defined file extension for each source type will be the extension that is added by BRP. For example, Cobol File has three default file extensions listed: .cbl, .cob, and .ccp. Since .cbl is listed first, that is the extension used by BRP. The order that these values appear in the workspace options can be changed by removing extensions and adding them back in.

Note that file extensions are added onto the file without regard for any currently existing file extension if this functionality is used. For example, if the files in a folder named Cobol currently have a .txt extension (which is commonly added by some mainframe FTP applications), each file would end up having an extension like .txt.cbl. Various source file naming conventions include multiple "dots" in the source name. Since this scenario is unpredictable and varies widely, it is risky and impractical to have BRP strip any possible existing file extensions.

If there is a mix of sources with and without file extensions, BRP can handle this. Any files with proper extensions should be placed in the PreparedSources directory directly, as normal. Any files that need extensions should be dealt with as described above.