BRP Logging

At the beginning of every BRP run a timestamp value is generated, consisting of the date and time. That timestamp is used throughout the run in order to uniquely identify and group the logs and information generated. Each run creates log files as well as other pieces of information. The timestamp for the run is added to the beginning of the filename for each log. All logs and information files are typically written to the Reports folder of the BRP install directory.

The main BRP log is, by default, named BRP log.txt, although the name can be altered by changing the command that is found in the runBRP.bat file in the BRP install directory. If more than one BRP installation is present, add the name of the workspace being refreshed to the main BRP log name.

The main BRP log contains basic information on when each major step of the run starts and finishes, as well as any relevant summary or diagnostic information. This is the log to check to determine whether the BRP run completed successfully or not. A run to completion will result in the last message in the log indicating the process finished successfully. Log messages marked "ERROR" should be reviewed. These are problems that were encountered, but they are not bad enough to cause BRP to abend. Messages marked as "SEVERE" are issues encountered that required BRP to abend. These should be investigated and corrected.

In addition to the main BRP log, the Update Log.txt and Verify Log.txt are also generated. These, as their names indicate, document the results of the update and verification steps respectively. The update log contains an entry for each file that is added to the workspace, whether by virtue of being different (updated) or new (added). Files that are processed during update that have unknown file extensions will also be documented in this log. Files that are processed and rejected because they are not different from the version in the workspace are not documented. The verification log lists the verification status of each file that is processed during verification. Summary statistics appear at the end of the log.

The remainder of the logs and files that are generated during a BRP run are there to provide in-depth information for troubleshooting if there is a problem during the run. If there is a problem that requires the attention of support services, please be sure to include all the logs and files from a run. Sorting the file names in the Reports directory by name will naturally group them together.