Extracting Optimized Components

Follow the instructions below to extract optimized components for all supported languages.

  1. Select the program you want to analyze for dead code in the Interactive Analysis Objects pane and click the * button. To analyze the entire project of which the program is a part, click the * button.
  2. A dialog opens where you can enter the name of the new component in the text field. Click OK. Component Maker adds the new components to the list of components. If you selected batch mode, Component Maker creates a logical component for each program in the project, appending _n to the name of the component.
  3. In the Entry Point to use field, click the link for the current selection and choose the entry point you want to use in the pop-up menu. To unset an entry point, click it and choose Unset in the pop-up menu.
  4. In the Description field, click the here link to open a text editor where you can enter a description of the component. The description appears in the box below the Description field in the Properties tab and in the Description property for the logical component repository object.
  5. Click the * button on the tool bar to start extracting the logical component. You are prompted to confirm that you want to continue. Click OK.
  6. The Extraction Options dialog opens. Set options for the extraction and click Finish.
  7. Component Maker performs the extraction. You are notified that the extraction is complete. If the extraction completed without errors or warnings, click OK to continue. If the extraction completed with errors or warnings, click Yes in the notification dialog to view the errors or warnings in the Activity Log. Otherwise, click No.