Working with Categories

The Top view of the Code Search pane displays the categories for Interactive Analysis lists. Categories are displayed only for lists you can create for the source file type selected in the Objects pane.

You can use predefined categories or create your own. All predefined categories are shared. Use the General and Internal categories for unenumerated tasks.

Note: Interactive Analysis puts the results of standalone advanced searches in a predefined list called Last Search Results in the Internal categories.

To create a category, select the parent category and click Code Search > Add. The New category dialog opens, where you can specify the new category name. A list with the category name is automatically created in the category. To edit the category name, click the name and type over it in the text box.

By default, user-defined categories are not shared. To share a user-defined category, select it and click the Share Button button on the tool bar. A symbol indicates that the category is shared. Click the Share Button button again to turn sharing off.

Note: Sharing a user-defined category automatically makes its parent categories shared. Unsharing a user-defined category automatically makes its children unshared.