Understanding Paragraph or Program Analysis

Select Paragraph Analysis or Program Analysis in the BDF search options if you want to compare items for their minimum similarity on the Levenshtein edit distance metric, namely, the number of operations needed to transform one item into the other, where an operation is an insertion, deletion, or substitution of a single character. The formula for this comparison type is:

output = 100 -(d/Max(a,b)) * 100

where d is the Levenshtein edit distance, a is the length of item A, and b is the length of item B.

Note: Only the statements themselves, not their parameters, are considered in performing the comparison.

Enter the minimum similarity in the Minimum Similarity field. A value of 100 means that only items containing exactly the same statements in exactly the same order satisfy the test. Enter 0 to disable the test.

Tip: You cannot use this comparison type to find paragraphs that CONTAIN or are INCLUDED in other paragraphs.