Understanding the Glossary Pane

A term is the name of an item of interest in your workspace. The Glossary pane automatically generates a list of terms for the file selected in the Objects pane and any included files. Glossary search facilities let you home in on terms of interest in the workspace.

The Glossary tool consists of two panes:

Each pane displays the term type, the business name and description assigned to the term, and how the business name and description were assigned (Manual, Automatic, Extracted from Screen, or From Propagation). To hide a pane, choose Glossary > View Terms or Glossary > View Search Result, as appropriate. Deselect the menu item to show the pane again.

To synch the Terms pane with other Interactive Analysis panes, choose Glossary > Synchronize with other views. Select a term in the Terms pane to navigate to the term in other Interactive Analysis panes. Deselect Glossary > Synchronize with other views to turn off synchronization.

Note: Turning off synchronization may improve Glossary performance for very large workspaces.