Importing and Exporting Business Attributes

You can export terms and business attributes from the glossary for one workspace for import into the glossary of another. You can also import terms and business attributes propagated programmatically. Term (source), business name (replacement), and business description (description) must appear in XML file format as follows:

  <item source="CUST_INFO" replacement="CUSTOMERINFORMATION" 
   description="customer information"/>

To export business attributes, choose Glossary > Export Business Attributes. A save as dialog opens, where you can specify the name and location of the file to export.

To import business attributes, choose Glossary > Import Business Attributes. An open dialog displays, where you can specify the file to import. You are prompted to confirm whether you want to overwrite existing business attributes. Select Overwrite existing business attributes if you want to replace existing business attributes as well as add new ones. Click OK.