Setting Glossary Workspace Options

Use the Glossary tab of the Workspace Options window to filter the objects and constructs available in the Terms pane and the Advanced Search dialog, and to specify the types of data flow relationships for which business names are propagated.
  1. Choose Options > Workspace Options. The Workspace Options window opens. Click the Glossary tab.
  2. Click the Entities tab, then the Hypercode tab. In the Source Type pane, select the source file type whose constructs you want to include, then select the constructs in the HyperCode Entities pane.
  3. Click the Repository tab. Select each type of repository object you want to include.
  4. Click the Propagation tab. Select each data flow relationship you want to propagate business names for.
    Note: Click Select All to select all the items on a tab. Click Select All again to deselect all the items.