How Business Rules Are Organized

You organize business rules in rule sets. A rule set typically consists of rules executed together, such that if one rule is executed, all are executed (the statements in a paragraph, for example). Think of a rule set as a business process, like Validate Input or Update File. Rule sets are identified in the Rules pane with a Rule Set Symbol symbol.

You organize rule sets, in turn, in business functions. A business function typically defines the order in which processes are triggered. Think of a business function as a use case, like Insert Customer or Update Order. Business functions are identified in the Rules pane with a Business Function Symbol symbol.

Business function names must be unique in the workspace. The same rule set can exist in multiple business functions; the same rule can exist in multiple rule sets. The figure below shows the Interactive Analysis Rules pane with a typical hierarchy of business functions, rule sets, and business rules.

Business Functions, Rule Sets, and Business Rules