Identifying Triggered Rule Sets

A trigger is a rule that causes another business process to be started. After the triggered process completes, the triggering process may either continue or terminate. The Valid Phone Number rule, for example, in the rule set Validate Input might trigger the rule set Update File.

The Triggers field for a rule identifies the rule set the rule triggers. Triggering rules are identified in the Rules pane with a * symbol. A rule set can be triggered by multiple rules. A rule can trigger the rule set it belongs to.

If a rule set is triggered by a rule, the trigger is listed in the lower portion of the right-hand pane for the rule set. Double-click the name of a trigger in the list to navigate to the corresponding rule in the lefthand pane.

  1. Select the triggering rule and click the * button next to the Triggers field in the right-hand pane. The Select Triggered Rule Set window opens.
    Note: Alternatively, you can access the Select Triggered Rule Set functionality from the context menu in the Rules pane from the drop-down menu of the toolbar button Change Rule Attributes.
  2. Select Triggered Rule Set. To create a new rule set for the rule to trigger, click New, then follow the instructions for creating a rule set.