Configuring Environment Variables

The Drag and Drop applications check for optional environment variables to have been specified. These variables allow certain configuration information to be designated.

The environment variables that you can configure are:

CCITIMEOUT Allows the specification, in tenths of seconds, of the maximum time out period that will be used with any LSC style application, such as Drag and Drop, SourceConnect, or the Monitor. The default is 2 minutes (1200), and the maximum value that can be used is 2,147,483,647. Example for setting this value to 4 minutes


MFAMAXSENDLENGTH Sets the maximum length of data, in a single communication packet, that can be transmitted to or from the mainframe. This does not affect the size of the file that can be transmitted, but only the size of each of the numerous data chunks that are transmitted to make up the entire file. This is only useful, when there is a router that limits the transfer length of data to or from the mainframe, or there is a restriction in the length of data that can be transferred. Example:


MFAMAXHOTLINKS If using the hot-link software from Micro Focus, the LSC applications will route all communication request through this hot-link. The hot-link remains active to the mainframe until you shut down your workstation, or enter the command MFDAELSC CLOSE. The hot-link is able to allocate and load balance more than multiple simultaneous links and will start up an additional link if any request has to wait for more than 15 seconds for a time slice. The maximum number of simultaneous links can be specified, with a default of 4 and a maximum of 10, as follows:


MFAIMBEDDEDHEX Indicates that you wish to have all source code embedded hex values handled in the same way as the MDECONV application, in that all translated hex values less than x'1f' will have a null character inserted before the hex value. The COBOL run-time system will properly handle these imbedded hex values. Example:


MFA_INDEX_FORMAT Enables you to override the default index format on KSDS VSAM data sets. Set MFA_INDEX_FORMAT to the index format you wish to use during the conversion. Example:


Then run the MFA client program.

Note: This can be used for Drag and Drop, synchronization monitor and command line tools.