Entity Flags

The Flags property of an entity type defines the nature of the entity: whether it is a physical source object or a logical object extracted from a source object, whether it defines a program, and so forth. An entity type can have multiple flags. A Cobol source file, for example, has LEGACY, PROGRAMCODE, and SEED flags. The table below shows the flags for an entity type.

Note: Only flags selectable in Architecture Modeler are shown in the table.
Flag Description
EXTRACT An entity extracted from a seed entity. A program, for example, is extracted from a Cobol file. An extract entity must be unique in the repository.
GENERATED An entity generated in the transformation process, a TargetXML file, for example.
LEGACY A source file that can be loaded in the repository, a Cobol file, for example.
KNOWLEDGE A business function or logical component.
PROGRAMCODE An entity that defines a program, a Cobol file, for example.
SEED An entity from which another entity can be extracted. A Cobol file is the seed for a program, for example.
SYSTEM An entity referenced in the application but not loaded in the repository, a data store, for example.