PL/I Include File

Metric Description
Blank Lines Number of blank lines of source. Blank lines in a comment block are not included.
Comment Lines Number of lines of source containing comments only and no code. Includes blank lines in a comment block.
Include Statements Number of include statements: %INCLUDE, EXEC SQL INCLUDE.
Lines with Both Comments and Code Number of lines of source containing both comments and code.
Macro Assignments Number of assignments to global macro variables outside any macro procedure.
Macro Declarations Number of global macro variables. Macro variables within macro procedures are not counted.
Macro Lines Number of lines for include statements, declarations, macro procedures, and other %-statements, excluding macro invocations. Blank lines and comments lines are ignored.
Macro Procedures Number of macro procedures declared in the file.
Macro Statements Number of %-statements and statements inside a macro procedure, excluding macro invocations.
Source Lines Number of lines of source, including blank lines and comments.