Generate copybooks from Database Description, Device Description, or DMSII DASDL files. RPG programs and Cobol programs that execute in the AS/400 environment often use copy statements that reference Database Description or Device Description files rather than copybooks. MCP Cobol programs use copy statements that reference DMSII DASDL files. If your application uses copy statements to reference these types of files, you need to verify the files and generate copybooks for the application before you verify program files.


GenCopybooks LogFile Workspace [Entity] [Condition] [Convert] [Overwrite] [Options] [Project] [Notify]
Required Parameters Description


Output log file generated when the batch script is executed.


Workspace file (.rwp).

Optional Parameters Description


* or entity type of source files. Default is *.


Scope of source. Use the Repository Exchange Protocol (RXP) to code the condition. For more information, see Analyzing Projects in the Enterprise Analyzer documentation set. Default is project.

Convert Specify this argument with an empty value to generate target copybooks and convert them to physical copybooks in the same step.
Overwrite Specify this argument with an empty value to overwrite existing physical copybooks with the same name.


Options script file. Default values for options usually are acceptable. Contact support services for special needs.


Project. Default is the default project.


Notification file.