Generate Reference Reports. The reports identify missing or unneeded files or objects in the workspace:

  • An Unresolved Report identifies missing application elements.
  • An Unreferred Report identifies unreferenced application elements.
  • A Cross-reference Report identifies all application references.
  • An External Reference Report identifies references in object-oriented applications to external files that are not registered in the workspace, such as .java, Java Archive (JAR), or C++ include files (assuming you have identified the locations of these files in the Workspace Verification options window for the source files). These references are not reported as unresolved in the Unresolved Report.


ReferenceReport LogFile Workspace Type File [Entities] [Restrict] [Project]
Required Parameters Description


Output log file generated when the batch script is executed.


Workspace file (.rwp).

Type The type of report, Unresolved, Unreferred, CrossRef, or ExternalRef.


Output file. The format of the report depends on the extension. Supported extensions are .html, .htm, .xls, .rtf, .doc, .txt, and .csv.

Optional Parameters Description
Entities * or a comma-separated list of entity types to report on. Default is *.
Restrict Whether to restrict references to the specified project, Yes or No. Default is Yes.


Project. Default is the default project.