Connecting to a Workspace in SQL Server

Once a workspace has been created on the Enterprise Analyzer server machine, other users can connect to the workspace from EA clients.

If you use the local MS SQL connection, you need db_owner permissions, because this type of connection creates a database. But if you use the left option, MS SQL via OLE DB, you need a database already created by an administrator. For this database you may have less permissions and the roles can be: db_writer and db_reader.

To grant permissions, run these queries:

USE mydatabase;

ALTER permissions are required when upgrading, or using Configuration Manager in the Administration tool. ALTER is also needed by the Batch Refresh Process and Code Search.

When you connect to a workspace, you create a link file with connection information that points to the workspace. Because the connection information is already stored in the file, you don’t have to enter it again when you reopen the workspace connection. Like a workspace file, a link file has a .rwp extension.

  1. Choose Start > All Programs > Micro Focus > Enterprise Analyzer. The Open Existing workspace dialog opens above the Enterprise Analyzer main window. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog.
  2. Choose File > Build New Connection. The Define Server Workspace Connection dialog opens.
  3. In the Define Server Workspace Connection dialog, click the Connection tab. Define the connection:
    • In the Server field, enter the server name. The server name must be of the form <machine>\<SQL server>.
    • In the Database Name field, enter the database name your DBA created for the workspace repository.
    • In the Integrated Security drop-down, select the integrated security provider interface in use at your site. Choose:
      • Windows Authentication if you connect to the workspace repository through a Windows user account.
      • Server Authentication if you connect to the workspace repository through an SQL Server login account.
    • If you chose Server Authentication, enter the database login name in the User Name field and the login password in the Password field.
      Note: The database user name and login name are typically, but not always, the same. If you have trouble connecting, it may be because you are specifying the database user name rather than the login name.
  4. When you are satisfied with your entries in the Define Server Workspace Connection dialog, click the Browse button for the Save Link As (.rwp) field. The Save Server Workspace Connectivity dialog opens.
  5. In the Save Server Workspace Connectivity dialog, choose the location for the workspace link in the Save in drop-down. In the File name field, enter the name of the link. Click Save. The linked workspace opens in the Enterprise Analyzer main window. EA creates a link file (.rwp) in the specified location.