Exporting the Extended Metamodel

Based on your input, Architecture Modeler creates a plug-in that defines an extension, or add-on, to the EA metamodel. The add-on specifies the entity and relationship types of interest in the newly supported source files.

To export the plug-in to EA:
  1. Select the source file type for the extension in the Name area in the central pane of the Architecture Modeler window.
  2. Choose Export to EA in the right-click menu.

    A Browse dialog opens.

  3. Browse for the Plugins folder in the Enterprise Analyzer installation directory.
  4. Click OK to export the extended metamodel. The plug-in has a name of the form <SourceFileType>Plugin.xml.
Important: If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, make sure you are running the Architecture Modeler with administrator rights. Otherwise some operations might fail.