Entity Type Attributes

The attributes of an entity type define the characteristics of the entity instance: its name, the name of the source file from which it derives, its complexity metrics, and so forth. The default attributes and attribute values supplied by Architecture Modeler are sufficient for most entity types. You can add or delete attributes and edit their values as necessary.

Note: You can specify additional default attributes in the file \bin\ArchitectureModeler.exe.config.

The properties of an attribute define its characteristics: its name, data type, whether the attribute value persists after invalidation, and so on. The table below shows the properties of an attribute.

Property Description
Name The internal name of the attribute: Name, for example.
Description The display name of the attribute: Name, for example.
Type For attributes other than Name, the data type of the attribute: CHAR, for example.
Size For CHAR type attributes, the length of the attribute.
DefaultValue Whether the attribute should be displayed with a value of "N/A" until it receives a value at verification: 0 for true, -1 for false.

For an attribute of a LEGACY object, whether its value persists after the object is invalidated.