Manage Queue

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Micro Focus > Enterprise Analyzer > Enterprise Analyzer Administration to start the Enterprise Analyzer Administration. Manage Queue shows the processes that are waiting to be processed. After the Queue processor has finished the list is automatically cleared.
  2. Click Tools > Manage Queue. The Manage Queue window opens.
    It contains a list of all processes waiting to be processed by the Queue Processor. The available actions are:
    • File > Close - closes the window.
    • Record > Delete - if you delete an item from the list it remains unverified and you must re-verify the sources again.
    • Record > Unlock - unlocks records that are locked due to some verification error.
    • Record > Select All - selects all records from the queue list.
    • Record > Unselect All - deselects all records from the queue.
    • Queue > Refresh - refreshes the queue list.
    • Queue > Show All - shows all records for the queued processes.
    • Queue > Auto Refresh - automatically refreshes the list.