Manually Extracting Business Names for Program Variables

One of the most powerful features of Enterprise Analyzer lets you auto-extract screen labels as business names for program variables. For each screen field with a label immediately to its left in the Screen pane, the Glossary tool generates a business name for the program variable whose value is displayed in the field. If the screen field has the label Customer Number, for example, Glossary assigns the business name "Customer Number" to the variable whose value is displayed in the field.

Occasionally, however, you may need a finer-grained approach than the auto-extract feature offers. The field of interest may not be immediately to the right of the label, or the field may have no label at all. In these situations, you can extract business names for program variables manually in the Screen pane.

  1. Double-click a screen label and select the portion of the label you want to use as the business name, then click Ctrl+C.
    Note: You don't have to use the screen label. You can put any text on the clipboard and assign it as the business name.
  2. Select the field of interest and click Ctrl+V. Interactive Analysis paints a yellow box in the lower lefthand corner of the field to indicate that the program variable for the field has been assigned a business name. Double-click the field to navigate to the variable in the Glossary.