Supplying Schedule IDs for a CA-7 Job Triggered by a Dataset

When a CA-7 job is triggered by the creation of a dataset, rather than by a job or manual operation, the parser cannot always determine which schedule IDs are used to run the triggered job. You can supply this information in a file.

The file should have the same name as the .CA7 file, and be in the same directory, but have an .SID extension. Specify the location of the file in the Job to Schedule Ids File field for a CA-7 Schedule on the Project Verification options tab.

Each line of the file should contain a comma-separated list with the job name and schedule IDs used for the job. For example, if job JOB0001 has the trigger:
SCHID=000 QTM=0030 LEADTM=0010 SUBMTM=0000

you would enter the following line in the .SID file:


That line identifies schedule IDs 10 and 30 for JOB0001.