Running Code Search Reports in the Main Window

Enterprise Analyzer lets you select and run a set of Code Search queries from the Repository Browser. You can execute these sets of queries (Code Search reports) on a selection of files that belong to different projects and different object types. The selected queries can be predefined and/or created by you.

To run a report:

  1. Select object and right-click in the Repository Browser or select objects and click Reports > Code Search Reports > Code Search Reports.
  2. Click Code Search Reports > Code Search Reports.
From the Reports window you can select to view and run a report from the following three report types:
The reports in this group are: Portability Assessment, Migrate Net Express to Visual COBOL, Migrate IBM PL/I to Open PL/I and Migrate Enterprise COBOL to 6.1.
The reports in this group are: Quality Assessment and Performance Optimization.
This contains the previously created custom reports (if any).

To view a report and edit it if necessary, click

To run a report, click