Quick Inventory

Quick Inventory is a project related option that automatically registers and verifies referenced files using JCL or PCT files as a starting point. Start by enabling and configuring Quick Inventory, register the JCL or PCT files to be used as the starting points, then verify those files. If you have set all paths correctly, the product will register and verify the external files. Enterprise Analyzer finds its dependencies registers them in the project, and verifies them.

To enable Quick Inventory:

  1. In Enterprise Analyzer open Options > Project Options.
  2. On the Quick Inventory tab check Enable Quick Inventory and click Apply.

Quick Inventory first searches the workspace and if the files are not found there you need to specify the directory where your sources are located. There is a list of pre-defined source types that are supported by Enterprise Analyzer.

To edit, add, delete or select a search path where you want the Quick Inventory to look for sources:

  1. In Enterprise Analyzer open Options > Project Options.

    Click the Quick Inventory tab.

  2. There is a list with pre-defined search paths suggestions with the names of the object types most commonly used. Select a suggestion, right-click the selected suggestion and then click Edit.
    1. Enter the search path to the sources. For example: COBOL = c:\Sources\COBOL_Applications_Directory.
      Note: Make sure you enter the correct path. Otherwise EA is not able to find the sources.
    2. Press Enter, then check the search path to select it and click Apply.
  3. If the sources are located in more than one directory (for example if you need to search in more than one COBOL directory outside the workspace), you have to add another entry to the Search Path list. Right-click in the list of suggested directories and then click Add. A new item is created in the list. Enter the values you need. For example: COBOL = C:\Sources\COBOL_Applications_Directory_1.

    Add a new entry for each separate directory you need to search.

  4. To delete an entry select it and right-click on it, then click Delete.
  5. Click OK to save the changes, or Cancel to undo them and get back to the main Enterprise Analyzer window.