Dead Statements, Dead Data Elements, and Dead Lines from Copybooks

Dead statements and dead data elements from copybooks (that either start or end in a copybook) are counted in the Dead Statements, Dead Data Elements, and Dead Lines metrics. They are also counted separately in the Dead Statements from Includes, Dead Data Elements from Includes, and Dead Lines from Includes metrics.

If a copybook is included multiple times, then each instance of the copybook is considered to be an independent source file, and all dead constructs and dead lines from the copybook are counted as many times as they are identified as dead. For instance, if a copybook is included twice and both inclusions result in a dead data element, the result is Dead Data Elements from Includes=2 and Dead Lines from Includes=2 (assuming each dead data element occupies only one line of the included copybook). If the same copybook is included twice but only one instance results in a dead data element, then Dead Data Elements from Includes=1 and Dead Lines from Includes=1.

All “Dead from Includes” metrics are for the specified program only. These metrics do not include an analysis of the same copybook over the entire application.