Selecting Rules for Batch Processing

There are four ways to select rules for Batch Processing:

Default selection (using only the mouse)
It marks the current node with all its child nodes. In case of reused rule set, it selects all instances. In the Triggering pane, all nodes down the triggering chains are checked.

Check a rule to make it a candidate for batch processing. Check a rule set to select all rules in it. Check a business function to select all the rule sets and rules in it.

To check all rules, click Rules > Select All. Click Rules > Unselect All to clear the selection. To invert the current selection, so that unselected rules are selected and selected rules are unselected, click Rules > Invert Selection.

Note: Click Rules > Selected Only to display only the checked business functions, rule sets, or rules (and their parents or children) in the Rules pane.
Using the Shift key
Shift + click marks only the current node.
Using the Ctrl key
Ctrl + click marks the current node and all its sibling nodes.
Using Ctrl + Shift keys
Ctrl + Shift + click marks the current node with all its child nodes. In the Triggering pane, the check does not affect the triggering chains.