Defining Relationship Types

Each relationship the parser generates is an instance of a relationship type. You need to define these types in the extended metamodel. If you are adding support for Objective C, for example, you would define a relationship type that represents the relationship between an Objective C source file and an Objective C function.

  1. Click the Relations button in Architecture Modeler and choose Add New in the drop-down menu. The Add New Relation window opens.
  2. In the Add New Relation window, fill in the properties of the relationship type. Architecture Modeler flags any errors with a symbol.
    Note: Do not enter spaces in the Name property.
  3. When you are satisfied with your entries, click OK.
Assuming there are no errors in your entries, Architecture Modeler saves the relationship type definition, and displays the relationship type in the list of relationship types in the righthand pane of the window.
Note: Select a relationship type and click Relations > Edit to modify its definition. Select a relationship type and click Relations > Delete to delete the definition.