Perform dead-code elimination (DCE) for programs in source files of the specified type. For each program analyzed for dead code, DCE generates a component that consists of the original source code minus any unreferenced data items or unreachable procedural statements.


DCE LogFile Workspace Entity [Options] [Pattern] [Project] 
Required Parameters Description


Output log file generated when the batch script is executed.


Workspace file (.rwp).

Entity Interactive Analysis model for the source files to be analyzed for dead code. Valid values are COBOL, PL|1, NATURAL, and NATSUBROUTINE.
Optional Parameters Description


Options script file. Default values for options usually are acceptable. Contact support services for special needs.

Pattern Pattern for naming generated components. The pattern may contain any valid symbols. An asterisk (*) is replaced with the name of the analyzed program. If the argument is omitted, component names are generated in the form BREnn, where nn is an incrementing number.


Project. Default is the default project.