Source Name Property

The Source Name property of an entity type defines the name of the entity attribute that holds “reference-resolving” information for an entity. This attribute name is not the same for all entity types.

Consider a copybook. If a Cobol source file references a copybook, the parser creates a copybook object with the name referenced in the source file. And it does so whether or not the copybook actually exists in the EA workspace.

Later, when the system resolves references to the copybook, it looks in the Source attribute of the copybook for its location in the workspace file system. If the attribute is empty, the system flags the copybook as missing. The system knows it should look in the Source attribute because the Source Name property of the copybook entity type is set to “Source.”

For a program entry point, by contrast, the sourcename property is set to “HCID,” meaning that the system looks in the HCID (HyperCode ID) attribute when it attempts to resolve a CALL statement that references the entry point. An empty HCID attribute indicates that the called program does not exist in the workspace or has not been parsed.