Include referenced or referencing objects in a project. The project and the objects to be included must have been verified. Use this script to include in a project:

  • All referenced objects.
  • All referencing objects.
  • Directly referencing objects only. If program A calls program B, and program B calls program C, A is said to directly reference B and indirectly reference C.


IncludeReferences LogFile Workspace Cond Scope Project
Required Parameters Description


Output log file generated when the batch script is executed.


Workspace file (.rwp).

Cond Type of object to include:
  • Referenced, to include referenced objects.
  • Referencing, to include referencing objects.
Scope Scope of references to include:
  • All, to include all referenced or referencing objects.
  • Direct, to include directly referencing objects only.
Note: Do not omit this parameter when including referenced objects (when Cond=Referenced). Specify All.


Project. Default is the default project.