Natural Support

  1. Register Natural sources in Enterprise Analyzer. The following objects must be registered:
    • Natural Data Areas (.nda, .nsl)
    • Natural DDM files (.nsd, .ddm)
    • Natural files (.nat, .nsn, .nsp, ..nsh)
    • Natural Include files (.ncp, .inc)
    • Natural Maps (.nsm, .map)
    • Natural Subroutine files (.nss)
    Note: It's almost always useful to qualify Natural programs with their library names in call diagrams and the like. To enable library name qualification, register Natural files with names of the form library.program.extension. For assistance renaming files, contact support services.
  2. For Natural files registered with library names:
    • Ensure the default Libraries support option is set in Workspace Options > Verification > Settings for the Natural File type.
    • In the Libraries field in Project Options > Verification for the Natural File type, specify the order in which the parser searches for library names when it resolves program calls. Right-click in the field and choose Add in the pop-up menu to enter a library name. Place a check mark next to a library to include it in the search. The parser always searches for the library of the object being verified, the current library, first. You can specify a different library search order for each project in your workspace.
      Tip: For example, if Lib2 appears in the list before Lib1, a call to ProgA is resolved to Lib2.ProgA rather than Lib1.ProgA (assuming the current library is not Lib1).
  3. In the Helproutines field in Project Options > Verification for the Natural Map file type, specify how you want the parser to treat helproutines, as programs (the default) or helpmaps.
  4. Verify application source files. You can:
    • Verify the entire project, which ensures that files are parsed in the appropriate order, taking account of the dependencies between file types.
    • Verify files or file types individually, in which case you should follow the order specified in "Verification Order for Natural Applications."
Important: Before registering Natural sources, see Restrictions on Natural Support for limitations in Enterprise Analyzer support that may affect your project.