Example: Creating Diagrams

Follow the steps below to generate Call Map diagrams in EMF format for every program in a workspace. Refer to DiagramTS.bj for argument details.

  1. From a command prompt, enter the following command, substituting file names and paths as appropriate:
    C:\Program Files\Enterprise Analyzer\Bin>Brave.exe "C:\Program Files\Enterprise Analyzer\Scripts\BRP\DiagramTS.bj" "C:\DiagramLog.txt" "Workspace=C:\
    Workspaces\sdkworkspace.rwp" "Scope=Call Map" "Pattern=C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspac
    The command consists of:
    • The path to Brave.exe.
    • The path to the DiagramTS.bj file.
    • The path to the output log file generated on execution of the command.
    • The path to the workspace.
    • The diagram scope, "Call Map".
    • The pattern for naming the generated diagrams, consisting of the output folder, file name pattern, and extension. The format of the diagrams depends on the extension.
  2. Check the output log file for errors or warnings. Here is the log file for the command:
    Batch Registration and Verification. Version  (build
    Date: 8/8/2008    Computer: D620-JEREMYW
    Cmd:  "C:\Program Files\Enterprise Analyzer\Scripts\BRP\DiagramTS.bj" "C:\DiagramLog.txt" "Workspace=C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspace.rwp" "Scope=Call Map" "Pattern=C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspace\Output\*.emf"
    Job: C:\Program Files\Enterprise Analyzer\Scripts\BRP\DiagramTS.bj
    13:22:41 >Open C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspace.rwp
    13:22:41 >Diagram Quick * "Call Map" "C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspace\Output\*.emf"
             Destination directory is C:\Workspaces\sdkworkspace\Output
             Diagrams have been generated successfully
    13:23:06 >Close
    13:23:06 ---Finished—