Inputs: Hogan Configuration File Preparation

In order to successfully analyze Hogan calls, you need to supply information about the Hogan configuration extracted from the Hogan system. This is done using external configuration files. The following table describes the necessary files:

Table 1. Layouts for Hogan configuration files
HOGAN CDMF EXTRACT FILE Artifact Type Data Record Contents Name
BNS.CIS.ACTS Activities Activity type (e.g. LINK)

Program definition ID

BNS.CIS.PGMS Program Definitions Program source name

Program load name

Data Groups Used

Activities Authorized

BNS.CIS.DGS Data groups Copybook name CDMFDGS
BNS.CIS.MAPS Maps Map name

IMS tran code

BNS.CIS.TXNS Transaction definitions Transaction code

PSB name

Activities executed

BNS.CIS.HDBS Hierarchical DB definitions Database name

Segment names

Segment data group IDs

BNS.CIS.SDBS Sequential file definitions File ID

File description

File type (I/O)

DD name

BNS.CIS.X200 Non-Hogan PGM interface definitions Non-Hogan program

LINK activity ID

Non-Hogan PGM load name


The configuration filename required by Enterprise Analyzer is of the form BNS.CIS.XXXX => CDMFXXXX.hogan. For example, BNS.CIS.PGMS must be named CDMFPGMS.hogan for it to be processed by the EA utility.

Specify the location of the configuration files in Options > Workspace Options > Verification > Legacy Dialects > COBOL File > Hogan Files Location. An example location is: C:\samplecode\hoganconfig.

The expected format of the Hogan configuration files is described in the next topics.