JCL Control Cards Support

JCL EXECs can reference input data defined in-stream or by using control cards. By default, EA processes the control cards that are passed as parameters to the SORT program and generates relationships to them. For example:


EA creates a relationship between the JOB and the control card DD1.PROD.CNTL(SORTCOPY) which defines parameters for the SORT program.

If you want EA to process relationships to other control cards, you must specify them in the Legacy.xml file. The XML section you must edit is used to define which DSNs refer to control card files. It is located under the JCL section, in a subsection called ProgUsesCard:

  <!-- to generate relationship Program Uses ControlCard -->
    <item> IDCAMS,SYSIN,.* </item>

Each item element contains a specification with three parts separated by comma (in the following order):

These are regular expressions. In the Legacy.xml template, the DSN name part is set to ".* ", which is a match against any string. This instructs EA to do control card processing for the SYSIN DD on any call to IDCAMS, regardless of the DSN name.