RPG Support

Enterprise Analyzer supports RPG IV ILE, Version 5, Release 3.

Note: RPG programs often use copy statements that reference Database Description or Device Description files rather than copybooks. If your application uses copy statements to reference these types of files, you need to verify the files and generate copybooks for the application before you verify program files. For instructions on generating copybooks, see Preparing Projects in the product documentation set.

Preparing for RPG Source Files Registration

If the source files are not in RPGIV format, then the appropriate IBM RPG conversion tool must be run to convert them to the RPGIV format before the files are downloaded:

  • RPGII: Convert to RPGIII using a manual process or direct to RPGIV using a third party tool such as Target/400 or RPG Tool Box
  • RPGIII: Convert to RPGIV using CVTRPGSRC (IBM)
  • RPG400: Convert to RPGIV using CVTRPGSRC (IBM)
Remember: The iSeries is an EBCDIC platform, so ensure the correct conversion is performed. This might require changes to the code page used for unprintable characters.