Creating a Shared Folder for Workspaces

The folder in which you plan to create workspaces must be shared with team members. It is typically more convenient to share the folder before you create workspaces, but you can do it afterward if necessary, then refresh the workspace path as described in Getting Started in the EA documentation set.

Follow the instructions below to create a shared folder for workspaces. You must be an administrator to create a shared folder.

  1. On the EA server, create a folder for EA workspaces.
  2. Select the folder and choose Sharing and Security from the right-click menu. The Properties dialog for the folder opens. In the Sharing tab for the Properties dialog, select Share this folder on the network (or, on a machine in a Windows domain, Share this folder). Enter the share name in the Share name field and click Apply.
    Note: Do not embed spaces in the share name. Doing so may cause other users to be unable to access the folder.
  3. Click Permissions. The Permissions for Folder dialog opens. Specify the appropriate permissions for users sharing the folder and click OK.