IMS Restrictions for Cobol EXEC DLI Support

Both batch and online CICS programs with EXEC DLI are supported. In addition to the generic restrictions described earlier in this section, the following restrictions apply to IMS support in Cobol EXEC DLI applications.

Subsequent Runs of IMS Call Analysis for Online CICS Applications

Subsequent runs of IMS call analysis for online CICS applications may produce incorrect results. Make sure that all root programs and PCT files are reverified before you repeat IMS call analysis.

Order of Command Options

The order of command options should correspond to the order of options as they are specified in the EXEC DLI reference manual (there is no free format there). Exceptions are the various options for SEGMENT, which can be coded in any order.

Quoted Literals

Quoted literals, where not defined by command syntax, are treated exactly as non-quoted IMS names. The only exception is the LOCKCLASS option.

Host Variables

Host variables must have the form: simple identifier, qualified identifier (a OF b), LENGTH OF special register or a subscripted table element reference. Arithmetic expressions, reference modifications, and other expressions are not supported.

Operators in WHERE Clauses

In WHERE clauses, only relational operators =, <, <=, >, >= and logical operators AND, OR, and NOT are supported.

Comma-Separated Lists

In comma-separated lists, such as for the FIELDLENGTH option, only uniform elements are supported (all literals or all identifiers). Option is verification only.

PCB Option

The PCB option must be explicitly specified on EXEC DLI calls if applicable.

CBLTDLI Calls in CICS Call-Level Programs

For CICS call-level programs, CBLTDLI calls are not recognized as modifying DLIUIB block content. Statements are not treated as dependent: