Installing the DB2 Client

Follow the instructions in this section to install the DB2 client.

Note: The DB2 client must be .NET-enabled. Choosing the Typical DB2 client installation ensures that .NET support is available.
  1. Double-click the setup.exe program for the DB2 client installation. The Welcome screen opens. Click Install a Product.
  2. A screen prompts you to select the product you want to install. Under IBM Data Server Client, click Install New.
  3. The DB2 Setup Wizard opens. Click Next.
  4. The Software License Agreement screen opens. Read the License Agreement carefully. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement to accept its terms, then click Next.
  5. A screen prompts you to select the installation type. Select Typical, then click Next.
  6. A screen prompts you to install the IBM Data Server Client. Select Install IBM Data Server Client on this computer, then click Next.
  7. A screen prompts you to select an installation folder. To accept the prefilled value, click Next. To specify a different folder, click Change and follow the substeps below.
    1. Navigate the folder structure to find a suitable location. If the destination folder does not exist, the installation creates it.
    2. Click OK to exit the screen and return to the installation folder screen.
    3. Click Next in the installation folder screen.
  8. A screen prompts you to enable operating system security for DB2 objects. Unless otherwise instructed by your system or database administrator, deselect Enable operating system security, then click Next.
  9. A screen prompts you to start copying installation files to your computer. Click Install to begin transferring files to your machine. A progress meter indicates the progress of the transfer.
  10. When the transfer is complete, a screen informs you that setup is complete. Click Next.
  11. A screen prompts you to install additional products. Click Finish.